Gürkan Boztepe

President Gastronomy Tourism (GTD) Association

He was born in 1970 in Karşıyaka, Izmir. He graduated from Atatürk High School and 9 Eylül University Department of Econometrics. He then received language education in London (ELT). He has a tourism experience of 25 years. He conducted joint studies in the Aegean Region with Didim Tourism-ETS-VIP Tourism.
He has a tourism experience of 25 years.
He first started working in congress tourism. Some of the major conferences that he organized: Nato Tiger Meet (hosting of 12.000 people), Kalder “Looking for Greatness” symposiums and Peryön Congresses.For the first time in Turkey, he started birth tourism in America, which is in the highest segment in terms of turnover and profitability. There is an average of 25.000 mums-to-be going to America from Turkey within the last 5 years. The brand here is www.amerikada-dogum.com. Right now, they have agencies and teams in San Diego and Los Angeles.
He actively worked in 3 committees at TÜRSAB.
*Founder of TÜRSAB Health Committee *Co-President of TÜRSAB House Tourism Committee 
* Founder and President of Culinary Tourism Committee (also the one to make the suggestion to TÜRSAB)
With his consulting firm MARKA DOKTORU, he continues to provide press and public relations and brand reputation strategy services for all investors in Turkey in the fields of culinary tourism and health.
*TRT/Producer of Marka Doktoru 
*Milliyet Lezzet/Previously columnist
*Restoran Kuruyorum.com /Owner of the most visited culinary site
*Gecce.com / Columnist of the most visited association site
*Klass magazine /Columnist
*Quest Ceo/ Partner of the magazine read by CEO’s
*Megalife /Partner of the association magazine
He is the CEO of the Different Education Academy (FEA), Culinary Travel Society and CEO of TEPE Catering