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3 - 6 September 2024 • TUYAP

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Exhibitor Stand Events

Dear Exhibitor,

Welcome to International Food Products & Food Processing Technologies Exhibition, 32nd WorldFood Istanbul 2024!

We support our exhibitors in promoting their special in-stand events which they organize during the exhibition in their stands, where they increase their visibility, strengthen their brand awareness among visitors and reflect their opinion leadership.

In-stand activities can attract the attention of your target audience and help you to stand out at the venue.

We'd love to contribute to your announcements by including your events on our website, social media accounts and visitor guide.

We request information from you in order to be a solution partner in marketing activities of your stand events.

Chef Workshop
Promotion Cocktail
Press Meet-up
Influencer Meet-up
Chep Workshop
Gift Draws
Demo Shows
Product Presentation
Gamification with Technology
In order to carry out such activities, please fill out the form in the link below completely and send it to the specified contact persons until 16 AUGUST 2024, FRIDAY, AT THE LATEST.
Content received after this date will not be evaluated as it will not comply with the time required for announcement support on our digital and printed channels.

!!! It is strictly forbidden to organize loud and show-led events in the stands and in the corridors !!!

  • We would like to point out that the events organized by the exhibitors at their stands are subject to approval and must be implemented within the framework of the rules.
  • Sound Level Music broadcasting must be arranged in such a way that it does not disturb the exhibitors and visitors, and otherwise ICA Fuarcılık has the au-thority to intervene. The maximum permitted noise level is 80dB.
  • Promotion-Tools-Equipment Exhibitors are responsible for all design, planning and visitor communication in the organization and implementation of the events. The equipment and technical materials required for the activities should be provided by the exhibiting company.
  • Security Exhibitors are responsible for the stand and visitor security in the ap-plications. It is forbidden to give smoke, steam, dust, gas and liquid to the area, even for demonstration purposes. Bringing or using pets in events is strictly prohibited.