WorldFood Istanbul will increase the business volume in the Food Industry

Preparations are underway for WorldFood Istanbul, which guides the development of the food and food technology industry. Over 400 foreign hosted buyers will attend the exhibition, which will be held at TÜYAP from September 1 to 4, 2022.

As the food industry experiences increasing fluctuations in production and discusses food security more often, the 30th WorldFood Istanbul, International Food Products and Technologies Exhibition, will bring together over 400 foreign hosted buyers from 45 countries in Istanbul. Brands and manufacturers specialized in the production of canned food, milk and dairy products, and fresh vegetables and fruits will participate in this year’s

WorldFood Istanbul, which aims to contribute to the discussion of new targets for the increase in production and exports without any risk to food security by the stakeholders in the industry and to the result-oriented road map for Türkiye’s future food and agricultural policies.


Semi Benbanaste, Director of WorldFood Istanbul, reminded that Türkiye is dependent on cereal and grain imports. He added, “On the other hand, Türkiye increased its exports of food and agricultural products between January and May 2022, compared to the first 5 months of 2021, and continues to strengthen its position as an exporter. Türkiye’s exports in the first 5 months totaled $9,817 billion, with a year-on-year increase of $1,727 billion, including an increase of 21.3 percent in the exports of food and agricultural products.

” Benbanaste noted that Türkiye has the potential to emerge as a global logistics power in the Middle Corridor with its current stability, strong transportation infrastructure, and projects that contribute to the global logistics network. He stressed the opportunities available to Türkiye, saying, “The Northern Corridor, one of the 3 transportation and logistics corridors between Asia and Europe, does not work properly due to the war between Russia and Ukraine. Türkiye is currently a stable and safe port for supply. Furthermore, there is an important opportunity for Türkiye. We are now an important manufacturer and exporter of food and agricultural products. While strengthening this position, we can become a significant global manufacturer and exporter of food and agricultural products, if we can solve the chronic problem of ‘generating low revenue despite being a strong manufacturer.’” Benbanaste stated that WorldFood Istanbul is even more important during these critical times. He noted that there is a great interest in the exhibition, saying, “During last year’s exhibition, we made a significant contribution to the industry by increasing its business volume by €650 million in 5 halls. Even though there is more than 2 months until the exhibition, 10 halls have already been filled to capacity by 450 exhibitors from 18 countries. That is to say, the number of exhibitors has already doubled compared to last year. Furthermore, over 400 foreign hosted buyers will attend the exhibition. We estimate that we will increase the business volume in the industry by more than €1 billion at this year’s exhibition, the occupancy rate of which has already reached 90 percent.”

The Food Industry Meets at WorldFood Istanbul 2022

A total of 179 hosted buyers from 40 countries and 22,800 visitors, 23 percent (5,237) of which were foreigners, attended last year’s WorldFood Istanbul, which was held in line with the approach “Safe Trade and 365-Day Exhibition” and lasted 4 days. As the interest in the exhibition increases, efforts are underway to bring approximately 600 Turkish and foreign exhibitors together with tens of thousands of visitors this year.

Beşel, Bifa, Burcu Gıda, Çizmeci Gıda, Saray Bisküvi, Seymen, Tat Bakliyat, Malatya Pazarı, Anı Bisküvi, and many other major food manufacturers are preparing to gather at WorldFood Istanbul, one of the most important exhibitions in the industry.

Korkut Akalın, Head of Marketing at Çizmeci Gıda, noted that they would participate in the exhibition for the first time this year. He said, “Çizmeci Gıda was established in Istanbul in 1993 to produce snacks. The sales of the Çizmeci TIME brand has continued in domestic and international markets in the categories of roll wafers, coated-non-coated wafers, and biscuits since the establishment of the company. WorldFood Istanbul, which has a wide range of visitors, offers a unique opportunity to those who want to meet exhibitors from different areas of the industry and stay on top of trends. We aim to make the best of this opportunity and increase our export volume through new business ideas and partnerships at the end of the exhibition.”

Ali Kemal Boynukalın, Managing Director at Anı Bisküvi, another company participating in the exhibition this year, said, “As Anı Bisküvi, we have been manufacturing Biscuits, Cakes, Wafers, Pretzel Sticks, Chocolate, Coated Products, and Candies since 1995. Currently, we export these products to 95 countries. We manufacture 400 tonnes of products every day. We started to produce pasta in June 2022. Now, we have a daily production capacity of 150 tonnes of pasta. Exhibitions constitute an indispensable channel for us to introduce our new products and form new partnerships. We aim to improve our existing export channels by participating in WorldFood. We will also introduce our new products at the exhibition.”