Food Tech Garage

WorldFood Istanbul is hosting renowned food start-up and bringing the newest products and technologies together with the food ecosystem.
Having served as a gathering point for food and beverage manufacturers and leading purchasers of Turkey for 27 years, WorldFood Istanbul is enhanced by activities linking creative and investing minds in addition to providing opportunities for the exhibition and monitoring of the newest products and services in the region.

This year at WorldFood Istanbul, which covers everything regarding production, supply, consumption and marketing at its conference stage and show kitchen by providing a 360° food experience with its expansive event program, we have a new area called FOOD TECH GARAGE.

Meet with Renowned Food Start-ups!
In the last 15-20 years, entrepreneurial perspective and big data based studies have radically changed the way of doing business in various industries. In the pandemic process, digitalization, new technologies, sustainability and reliable foods have become more important than ever. In this new era where we need innovation and creative ideas the most, we bring entrepreneurs together with the industry to provide information, inspiration and new business opportunities at Food Tech Garage.
Food Tech Garage is waiting for you to reach the most up-to-date information about the products and technologies offered by entrepreneurs operating in many different fields such as smart agriculture, fresh food waste, super foods and food technologies to companies and industry professionals in production-supply-consumption stages and experience product demos as well.
Open Call for Entrepreneurs
Preparing to bring together entrepreneurs who carry out bold efforts in the food sector in this period of change in dynamics of industries ignited by the groundbreaking solutions presented by the start-up perspective, WorldFood Istanbul invites entrepreneurs who say "the industry will gain momentum with my product" and develop sector-specific technological and scalable products.
We invite all interested start-ups who want to change the sector by participating in the fair to contact us by sending their promotional files to Application and participation in the project is free.
Food Tech Garage will be organized in accordance with global standards and precautionary measures, taking into account hygiene, health and safety principles. The health and safety of all our exhibitors, attendees, employees and stakeholders have always been our top priority. The organizer reserves the right to make changes in the program in case of recent developments regarding the COVID-19 disease experienced globally and changes in the decisions of the Ministry and TOBB.