WorldFood Istanbul - International Food Products Technologies Exhibition, the international meeting point of the Turkish food industry, is preparing to introduce many new products and the latest technologies to the food world with more than 500 brands in 10 halls at TÜYAP Exhibition and Congress Center between September 1 - 4, 2022.

The Food Arena Event Programme, which will be held simultaneously with the exhibition, is preparing to present the market predictions, technological developments, and good examples of sustainability for the sector, which is constantly changing due to the deteriorating supply-demand balance across the supply chain in Turkey during the pandemic and the climate crisis affecting the entire world.

WorldFood Istanbul, which is the biggest meeting point of the food industry, will welcome its attendees and exhibitors in its 30th Anniversary with the Food Arena Event Programme, designed in 7 different formats, in which the agenda of the industry will be examined thoroughly in company with experts.

Business Development Conference

Experts from the sector, chefs, and influencers will focus on topics such as Sustainability, trends, technological developments, legislations and increasing the exports in their panels designed for foreign investors, local producers, buyers and decision makers, in cooperation with the institutions and organizations which shape the future of the sector.

In the panels to be held for 4 days, the following topics will be discussed in depth in company with nearly 40 figures and with collaborations that shape the sector, and a number of good examples will be shared with the sector;

  • Sustainable economy,
  • Fight against food waste,
  • Preventive health,
  • Online & offline marketplace trends,
  • Responsible food movement,
  • Reliable food,
  • Empowering women in agriculture.  

Food Master Class - Curated Exhibition Tours:
In the curated exhibition tours to be held in cooperation with the Gastronomy Tourism Association, chefs who play a leading role in gastronomy destinations will choose healthy, reliable and anti-waste products through a selection to be made across 10 halls and 500 exhibitor companies, and will provide high-level knowledge and networking thanks to new product promotions and thematic conversations by going on tours with a group of decision-makers and procurement professionals from the sector.

Food Tech Garage – Women Start-ups Zone:
The women entrepreneurs of 2020-2021-2022 of the “Empowering Women in Agrifood - EWA” program held in cooperation with Impact Hub Istanbul, supported by the European Union and the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT Food), and, will present their innovative projects, including healthy, organic and vegan products, biotechnology, innovative agricultural practices, sector-specific technological solutions, services and stories that transform the food and agriculture sectors simultaneously with the exhibition in the Food Tech Garage area. 

Waste-Free Cuisine Workshops:
For the Kitchen Workshops to be held in cooperation with the Cooks Association, sponsored by Öztiryakiler Kitchens, celebrated chefs will pay visits to the exhibitor companies to obtain the necessary products for the recipes they will prepare, and then will recreate the branded flavors of the Turkish Cuisine with these innovative products and new techniques, thus provide information on healthy and reliable products and share zero-waste kitchen tips.

Show Kitchen Chef Workshops:
Special recipes to be put together by collaborating institutions and exhibitor companies and chefs with new products, and the innovative flavors they will create, will take place in the show kitchen to be established under the sponsorship of Öztiryakiler. Chefs will share the tips and tricks that will be necessary to create these flavors, as well as practical knowledge, particularly on recognizing healthy and reliable products. 

Exhibitor Stand Activities: 
Special activities such as promotional cocktail events, chef and influencer events, product promotions, workshops, panels, gift draws, organized by our exhibitors each year for their customers, the press, and the professionals and buyers from the sector, will be the focus of attention of all attendees in the exhibition area. WorldFood Istanbul attendees, where the leading companies of the sector will also be present, will be able to observe product promotions and learn about new products at the stands, and to experience the latest developments and most recent launch innovations in person.  


Exhibitor Loyalty Awards: WorldFood Istanbul will be presenting its gratitude to the exhibitor companies which have supported the organization with their long-term participation and contributions over the years through their 30-year adventure, and which have inspired and strengthened the industry, by inviting them to the stage at the award ceremony.  

Those Who Add Value to the Industry in Product Safety: The Reliable Product Platform will thank the companies and individuals that lead the way in maintaining the consumers’ health and future in a safe manner, and in supplying products ensure these standards, by celebrating them as “Those Who Add Value to the Industry in Product Safety" on the WorldFood Istanbul stage.