Best Plate Challenge

WorldFood Istanbul and World Gourmet Society Present:

Best Plate Challenge
This year’s exclusive partner for the international “Best Plate Challenge” organized by World Gourmet Society is WorldFood Istanbul.

In the “Best Plate Challenge”, the best and most creative plates rewarded.
WorldFood Istanbul has become the exclusive partner of the international “Best Plate Challenge” by partnering up with the World Gourmet Society, a prestigious society consisting of the world’s leading chefs, gourmets, food writers, journalists and restaurant managers.

Within the scope of the partnership, WorldFood Istanbul invited Turkish chefs to exhibit their best and most creative plates at the “Best Plate Challenge” organized in Turkey for the very first time.

With the challenge supported by the Chefs’ Association, the goal is to create a bridge for chefs all around Turkey in supporting them with their recognition in the international platform, promotion of local products and sharing of their culture.

Here are the winners;