About Events

World Food Istanbul Events Programme presents: 360 Degree Experience of Whole Journey about Production, Operation and Consumption of Food Sector

Present and Future of Food will be Determined here! 

WorldFood Istanbul 2018 is getting ready to present “Ultimate Food Experience” in a 360 manner of index where it carries a content which will bring together various sector topics that held simultaneously with the exhibition, creating awareness and showing its exhibitors and visitors the future of food sector.

WorldFood Istanbul 2018 identifies a dedicated venue for events that brings "Experience of Food"with its business & market agenda and hands on its ingredient agenda. In order to define the journey in Food Sector as a defined issue, a special event area will be created in which a business event oriented to the sector and seminars focused on the market can be followed and a special event area enrichen with competitions and culinary tastes will be created. In this way, "Food 360 Experience"will be presented to the visitors at a high level.

Visitors have a chance to listen to the views of the experts on topics not just on legislation and procurement but also on up to date information with the latest industry developments. The program, which aims to bring decision makers together, cooperate with national and international organizations.

An engaged program to be on show floor plan in order to achieve maximum interaction with exhibitors and visitors through a comprehensive seminar programme with attractive cooking competitions that WorldFood Istanbul lead the firsts to introduce Chefs.

The programme will cover and be the source of not only industry-specific regulations, laws and technical subjects but also market-focused, visionary and future investment-oriented issues to support professional development to shape the sector & determine the present and future of food through WorldFood Istanbul’s new and different content in its experience-based show area.

Rich event programme cater the notion of bringing together the industry experts to exchange information and take a close look at subjects through conferences and cook shows in relation to “food & economy”, “food & legislation”, “food & marketing”, “food & business”, “food & trends”, “food & technology”, “food & innovation”.

Become part of the ultimate food experience that WorldFood Istanbul Events presents you to be inspired, to enrich knowledge & to listen to leading sector decision makers, food strategists, national and international speakers from government, academia, press, technology and business.