Turkish food & drink market round up: July 2019

We continue to examine Turkey’s food & drink sector by digging into some interesting news stories.

In July 2019, we see the recommend dairy intake for Turks, a new B2B payment method being trialled by a major drinks company, and a rise in traditional Turkish foods amongst younger consumers.

Turkish food & drink sector round up

Turks’ dairy consumption recommendations outlined

Milk & dairy products rightly have a reputation for having big health benefits. 

As Turks are paying more attention to the ingredients and nutrition of their daily food intake, experts have outlined how much dairy they recommend is consumed across Turkey. 
According to Dietician Ayse Tugba Sengel, Turks should be regularly consuming 3-4 servings for children and the elderly, and 2-3 servings for adults.

A single serving is defined as:

• Milk, yoghurt & kefir – 200ml
• Buttermilk – 350ml
• White cheese – 30g
• Cheddar cheese – 25g
• Curd cheese – 60g

The amount of milk drank daily also fluctuates depending on age group:

• 1-3 years – 500ml
• 4-6 years – 400ml
• 7-15 years – 400ml
• 15-45 years – 400ml
• 45-65 years – 350- 400ml
• 65+ years – 500ml

Mastercard and Coca-Cola Turkey trial new B2B payment method

Together Coca-Cola and Mastercard have been using Masterpass, a new mobile app, to register payments with trade customers.

Via Masterpass, Coca-Cola sales reps are basically mobile sales points. It allows them to take customer orders and process their payments, via card details, while out visiting customers.

For the business, this allows them to quickly process orders and send them over to their logistics department without delay. On the other hand, customers are afforded a better, quicker quality of service that cuts down on additional logistics and processing costs.

With this succesful trial, it’s likely that Masterpass will be rolled out to other food & drink enterprises in Turkey. It could also be a potential event game-changer, because, if used at WorldFood Istanbul, exhibitors could receive orders directly at their stands.

Young Turks order more Turkish-style meals from takeaway outlets

According research from marketing firm Yemeksepeti, the younger element of Turkey’s population prefers home-grown dishes when ordering takeaway food.

In 2018, a total of 3 million “homemade” meals were ordered by Turks aged 19-28 from fast food outlets across the country. In this context, “homemade” refers to traditional Turkish meals, such as pide, döner kebab, and köfte.

Part of the reasoning behind this is that Turks’ lifestyles, particularly those in the aforementioned age group, leaves them with little time to cook at home. As such, when they want a taste of the traditional, they turn to fast food restaurants to get their fix.

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