Turkish food & drink market round up: August 2019

August brings us more interesting stories from Turkey’s food & drink sector.

We’ve got an update on food & drink import volumes, dairy production throughout Turkey, and expansion plans for one of Turkey’s most beloved pizza chains.

Turkey food & drink sector round up

Turkish dairy sector shrinks in July

Turkish dairy output has dropped.

The level of milk and dairy production throughout June 2019 has decreased year-on-year re-word.

There has been a 1.6% overall drop in the amount of milk, cheese, yoghurt and buttermilk produced throughout Turkey, according to the Turkish Statistical Institute (TSI).

Particularly hit was cheese output. During the review period, there was a 13.8% reduction in cow cheese, whereas other varieties, such as buffalo, goat and sheep, decreased by 4.1%
Buttermilk, mostly used in ingredients, also saw a major downturn, dropping 59% year-on-year.

Is there a crisis in Turkish dairy? Perhaps not, but ongoing production declines should be triggering alarm bells for dairy companies – and opening up the market to imported products if Turkish companies cannot meet domestic demand.

Turkey imports $6.3bn in food & drink in H1 2019

Turkey's food & drink imports dropped between Jan-June 2019.

TURKSTAT has revealed the food & drink import statistics for first half of 2019.

According to the statistical agency’s data, Turks imported foodstuffs worth $6.3bn between Jan-June 2019. This was a decline of 12.5% year-on-year – but it may have knock on effects for domestic food prices.

Because Turks are buying less imported products, mainly ingredients to support its extensive food manufacturing complex, it will have to turn to internal producers to meet them.

Commentators, in particular Ahmet Atalik, TSI’s Istanbul Branch President, have said this could cause an upswing in food costs, effectively making it harder for Turks to afford the food & drink products they want.

Imported goods, often cheaper than domestically produced alternatives, are important in addressing this food price issue.

Turkish pizza chain eyes expansion amid rebrand

Pizza Pizza has rebranded into Terra Pizza and is now planning on expanding across Turkey.

Turkey’s first pizza chain, Pizza Pizza, has said it wants to open 350 new branches in three years with a range of new investments.

Under its new name, Terra Pizza, the brand will continue to expand across the nation with fresh investment.

Currently, the company sits behind Domino’s as Turkey’s favourite fast food pizza restaurant. Domino’s has 130 restaurants in 43 Turkish cities.