Interview: President of Culinary Travel Society Gürkan Boztepe

Culinary Travel Society, which ITE Turkey joined as a member, was founded by gastronomy and tourism professionals, local and international travel agencies, brand and venue owners, suppliers, bloggers and columnists.

This year, the organization’s president, Gürkan Boztepe will be at WorldFood Istanbul 2019 with his speech “Taste the Future!”. We had the chance to speak to him prior to this inspiring event.
  • What is Culinary Travel Society? What are your missions?
 Our society’s missions are to promote Turkish cuisine to the world and protect our cultural values. We are also working towards integrating Turkish products into the global cuisine. Restaurant Ratings, GastroVillage, GastroAcademy and World Yogurt Conference are some of our ongoing projects.
  • What do you think are the primary reasons of the rapid increase in the interest in gastronomy tourism?
I think the curiosity about other cultures, flights becoming more affordable and social media have been effective in this increase.

  • What are the benefits of your cooperation with ITE Turkey in terms of its effects in the sector and gastronomy tourism?
I think you have an important mission here. You are organizing valuable events that embrace gastronomy tourism and discuss in detail whatever topic there is at hand. Our mission here is to support you in terms of content with our more than 1,000 corporate and individual members.
  • In your opinion, how do events like WorldFood Istanbul affect the food industry and tourism?
While foreigners understand our country and do business here, the local market works more towards increasing the quality and service standards. You have reached the same expectations we have from other international events abroad through your hard work, and I congratulate you for this.
Gürkan Boztepe’s speech “Taste the Future!” is at WorldFood Istanbul 2019 on Thursday, 5 September. Don’t miss this exciting event, register to attend for free today.
This interview was edited for length and clarity.