Here’s what food & drink Turkey buys from DACH countries

Germany, Austria and Switzerland form the German speaking world; a sector of the globe whose food & drink is in high demand in Turkey.

With $5bn in imports to play with, Turkey is a very attractive export market for internationals. That’s certainly the case for the DACH states. But what are they exporting? Which foodstuffs do Turks source from those nations? Read on to find out.

DACH Food in Turkey: the market opportunities

Germany leads the way in DACH-Turkey food & drink trade

With total annual exports to Turkey clocking in at a hefty $22bn, Germany is Turkey’s second largest trading partner and most important within the EU. Accordingly, Germany also sits proud atop the DACH-Turkey food trade pedestal.
Turkish importers purchase a cornucopia of products from German sources. By looking at data from the MIT Observatory of Economic Complexity (OEC) online trade database, we can get a clearer picture of what’s on the menu for Turkish companies.
The top three exports are:
• Chocolate - $43m exports
• Hard liquor - $14.3m exports
• Baked goods - $9.3m exports
Germany holds a 33% market share of Turkey’s entire chocolate import market, which is good news for the nation’s chocolatiers. 3.1kg out of the 4.6kg of confectionery and sweets Turks consume each year is chocolate, so expect the import requests to keep on coming.
Importantly, Turkey doesn’t have a domestic supply of cocoa and cocoa powder. So, alongside finished products like chocolate bars, and bulk chocolate, German exporters are capable of tapping into this major supply gap.

Swiss food exports to Turkey rise 50%

2017 was a good year for Swiss food & drink exporters exploring the Turkish market. Year-on-year, exports rose by 52.3%, from $42.2m to $64.3m.
So, what do Turks want from Swiss exporters? Let’s take a look, using OEC data, at their top three import products sourced from Switzerland:
• Flavoured Water - $22.8m exports
• Chocolate - $4.32m exports
• Coffee - $3.79m exports
Flavoured waters, and enhanced waters in general, are one of our top product trends to watch in Turkey
As part of a nationwide health kick, Turks are drinking higher quantities of functional water drinks. Functional drinks are those with added value, so think energy-boosting properties or fortified with extra vitamins. Plants like aloe vera, maple, and cactus, which are all native to Turkey, are finding themselves in flavoured waters throughout the nation too. 
Based on the above, these are products are proving popular in Turkey.

Austria is the DACH’s third largest exporter to the Turkish market

Austria takes third place when it comes to DACH nation’s food & drink supplies to Turkey. Its total foodstuff exports come in at roughly $58.1m, only slightly behind Switzerland’s.
Austria’s food & drink exports to the Turkish market have a slightly more rustic bent. Let’ turn to the OEC to find them out:
• Flavoured waters - $33m exports
• Milk - $2.34m exports
• Cheese - $1.26m
Once again, we can see the potential of flavoured waters in Turkey.
However, digging a little deeper, we can see there is also opportunities for dairy producers. Austria, in fact, covers over half the milk import market with 54% of the total. The nation only covers roughly 2.5% of the cheese import market, however, but that means there are still market entry points for Austrian dairy firms in Turkey.
Turkish per capita consumption of dairy products is actually higher than the global average. Annually, Turks are eating and drinking around 56.2kg of dairy, compared with 50kg worldwide. Overall, the dairy sector is worth in excess of $5.5bn, so while Austria’s toehold may be small, there is certainly room to expand.

Turkey is a land of opportunity for DACH food & drink exporters

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