Exhibitor Feedbacks - Yonca Food

Yonca Food Industries. Inc. has been established in 1981, and operating with its headquarters in Manisa, Turkey. Yonca Food Industries. Inc. is a family owned company and one of the largest manufacturing companies in Turkey (among all sectors). Every day, millions of people use Yonca products and solutions to satisfy their needs with its wide range of food products.

What are your areas of activity?
Yonca Gida has been in Turkey and world cuisines since 1981 with its wide range of products ranging from vegetable edible oils to olive oil, canned products, ketchup-mayonnaise, tomato sauce, sauces, and pickled foods.

What are your thoughts concerning WorldFood Istanbul
Our purpose of attendance to the exhibition is to promote our products and learn about the innovations in the sector.

What are your assessments, comments and predictions regarding food sector, primarily for Turkey and also throughout the world?
Food is a strategic one of the 7 most advantageous sectors that started in the 2000s. It is estimated that the magnitude of this important sector is 60-70 billion dollars. However, industry officials agree that real potential is almost twice the pronounced number. These figures clearly reveal the grounds for investing in the food sector of giant holdings. Therefore, we are aware that we are in an industry that will not go into the landing and increase the momentum day by day, and we will continue to be open to innovations as a company and develop innovative ideas.