Exhibitor Feedbacks - Peyba Food

Peyba, which has grown rapidly thanks to its national and international dealer’s network, meets its product quality with consumers by also participating in national and international food fairs both in Turkey and abroad.

What are your areas of activity?
We are active in the areas of olive, pickle and gourmet products and milk & dairy products. We have 3 facilities in Marmara region.
What do you think about WorldFood Istanbul? 
We participate in WorldFood with our domestic sales team, especially our export department.  Since we have a very wide product portfolio in the breakfast sector, we can meet with the buyers in the exhibition and the food professionals coming from abroad, and to taste the various products. Although each country has a different breakfast culture, one of our hundreds of products is necessarily appealing to the taste of a country. Instead of telling our customers with a catalogue of all our product varieties, we are experiencing the advantages of tasting.

What are your assessments, comments and predictions regarding food sector, primarily for Turkey and throughout the world? 
With the reduction of producers who produce illegally in Turkey and the quality certificates, the increase of the firms that give importance to Turkish tastes and who do their work diligently, has enabled the opening of high-value food products to the world. With the state supports that we hope to increase both in the field of agriculture and in sales and marketing, many food brands in Turkey will be open to the world and can export to various countries.