Exhibitor Feedbacks - Marmarabirlik

Marmarabirlik, with the aim of cultivating and marketing the most quality edible olives of the world in better conditions, is an association of Agricultural Sales Cooperatives established in 1954 by the region olive cultivators within a mutual assistance and cooperation.

What are your areas of activity?
Marmarabirlik is the world's largest olive organization, established by the advent of Gemlik, Mudanya, and Erdek cooperatives and grows in the process and develops a world brand status.
Today, it continues its acquisition-production and marketing activities with a total of 8 cooperative, olive-olive oil-olive paste processing and packaging integrated facilities and retail store.
Marmarabirlik’s administrative center is in Bursa and its area of activity is the processing of the olives cultivated by the partners in South Marmara Region, as edible olives, olive oil and olive paste and to market them to domestic and foreign markets.
Marmarabirlik is the biggest olive producer establishment that takes place amongst the biggest 500 industrial establishments in the country and serves to hundreds and thousands of domestic and foreign consumers with its 32.000 registered olive cultivators. Its management staff takes power from the producer and its qualified personnel consists of 600 people and its affiliate cooperatives and processing plants.
Marmarabirlik is established in a total area of 550.000 square meters and within a closed area of 155.000 square meters, and a storage and ripen capacity of 70.400 tones. It is a very important industrial establishment providing added value for the Turkish economy with an olive packing capacity of approximately 150 tones/day and olive oil production and filling capacity of 220 tones/day in a hygienic place in its modern plants.
Marmarabirlik purchases and processes approximately 40-45% of the edible black olives cultivated in the region and serves its products to 78 cities with its 58 store and to entire Europe with contracted buyers in Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, NCTR and Bulgaria. Outside of Europe, it sells primarily to America and also to Canada and Australia markets.

What are your thoughts concerning WorldFood Istanbul?
It has been a long time since our association last attended a domestic exhibition. We believe that with WorldFood Istanbul, food exhibitions will earn back their former level of attraction. As Turkey’s most renowned olive brand, we will be attending the exhibition to promote our newest products, bring our brand together with our clients and consumers, communicate with the companies in this sector and other sectors, gain new clients from different markets and come together with our friends in the sector.
What are your assessments, comments and predictions regarding food sector, primarily for Turkey and also throughout the world?
Ever since the days of hunters & gatherers, food is the most basic human need that there is. Even though different methods of production were used from time to time, the essence always serves the same purpose Food sector, which is one of the biggest sectors in our country, is a powerhouse that is accompanied by big, massive companies. The sector never loses its importance and it will continue to host all actors who are struggling to exist with innovative and sustainable qualities.