Exhibitor Feedbacks - Federation of Turkish Retailers

Federation of Turkish Retailers ( TPF) will be at WorldFood Istanbul this year!

What are your areas of activity?
We are the roof organization of the Retail Association (Perder), which is in 15 regions of Turkey as the most important link of organized retail and the roof of the local chain stores, the Turkish Retailers Federation. We serve with 361 members in Turkey, 3 thousand 915 sales points, 2 million 438 thousand 794 square meters. We employ a total of 71 thousand 396 people.

What do you think about WorldFood Istanbul?
Today, the demands of our customers are developed and changed. They want to see more varieties of products in our markets, domestic production and more to try local flavors. When we look at these demands, we have been working with our local manufacturer to our distributor for 3 years to increase our synergy. WorldFood is an organization that responds to the expectations of our customers with its content in terms of exhibitors and products.

At the exhibition, the category and store managers of TPF member markets will meet with the industry professionals for new business units. On the other hand, the member camp, which is regularly held annually by TPF, will be held with the contributions of WorldFood Istanbul. In the member camp, the food sector, the situation in the regions, the developments in the sector and the regional problems will be discussed.

What are your assessments, comments and predictions regarding food sector, primarily for Turkey and also throughout the world?
I would like to answer that question by the sector we serve. Our sector is highly competitive. And shopping habits are changing every day. The shopping baskets were divided. The client can fill his basket with more than one grocery store. High quality product demand at an affordable price is the priority. Sensitivity increased in price. Customers want to shop with economic packages. The most important messages are “Don't just sell me the product. Create a value for me”. As TPF, we have been conducting our work in this direction for the past 3 years, considering the developments, changes and demands.
Digitization is very important to us, as in all sectors. Because life is accelerating more and more every day. People who are trying to get home from work and must shop in the meantime need a minute or two before they can lose in the grocery store. When the consumer now enters the market, he wants to easily find the product he wants and to finish the purchase as soon as possible. In this sense, the preferred convenience of grocery stores, which cannot save time during shopping, unfortunately, will fall.
Digitization, on the other hand, is a fact that using the technology correctly contributes significantly to the turnover of businesses. The use of the right technology brings healthy measurements to businesses above all else. In the supply chain, sales and inventory quantity, lighting, software and application, the technology that can now be used in virtually any area, as well as preventing financial expenses and losses; it clearly reveals where the loss is most experienced and ensures the right solution for the business. Therefore, to control the store correctly, to grow, to add value to the economy, the priority agenda of all operators in the technology investments are among the items.
Considering all these developments, we have identified an important target years ago. We aim to reach a turnover of 70 billion TL in the 100th year of our Republic. Our growth means Turkey's growth. It's an environment where consumer spending continues, trust in the economy. In addition to all this, it means that we have increased our contribution to employment and to the country's economy. Thanks to this approach, TPF members, who have reached 40% of their employment share within the total market groups, and the sales share to 35,3%, and 9.8% of the total food sales, reach a turnover of more than 30 billion TL. The local chains, which covered 2017 by 12% growth, grow 15% in the 2018 year.