Exhibitor Feedbacks - Elita Food / Sunar

Turkey's agricultural industry and the rising value of the food industry Sunar Group, exports nearly half a century of experience and with more than 100 countries in 5 continents with its own brand and wide range of products, aims to be one of the largest agricultural-based industrial groups in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa thanks to its high capacity, extensive knowledge and experience.

What is your field of activity? 
Sunar Group has 5 different companies in 5 different fields of agriculture-based industry. One of our group companies Sunar Mısır is producing starch and starch based products. Elita Gıda’s production and sales area is vegetable oils for retail and out-of-house consumption. Sunar Özlem is producing flour and feed and NÇS is a manufacturer on fresh fruit area. Sunar Group companies are maintained by Sunar Marketing Company on foreign trade activities.

What are your thoughts concerning WorldFood Istanbul? 
WorldFood Istanbul is a high and successful trade fair that brings us together with visitors from the target and potential countries, especially in terms of exports. WorldFood Istanbul is also an important exhibition for our overseas dealers. Our expectation from the fair is to introduce our products and our company to potential buyers, to establish business contacts for new markets and to strengthen our reseller relations in our existing markets through WorldFood Istanbul.
What are your assessments, comments and predictions regarding food sector, primarily for Turkey and also throughout the world?
Increasing population, changing demographic structure, change of communication habits, increasing average human life, lack of resources, advances in technology, increased sensitivity to the environment and the pace of life that becomes faster; affect consumer behaviour and consumption habits. Changing the needs and habits of the consumer should be monitored and well observed. Our job is to be proactive, to give direction to the market, to respond to the needs of the consumer in the most accurate way.