Case Study: Turkey/India food trade

Indian food has plenty of potential in the Turkish market - including big opportunities for tea & coffee and ingredients suppliers.

India, as a global supplier of ingredients and foodstuffs, has plenty to offer Turkey’s food and drink industry. Crucially, the Turkish government is also pursuing a closer trade relationship with India, suggesting trade will become more open in the near future.
Let’s take a look at the potential for Indian food and drink items in Turkey in more detail. We’ll also go over trade relations and the conditions that are potentially bringing India and Turkey closer together.

India: a worldwide food & drink powerhouse

Across the first ten months of 2017, India exported a variety of food and drink products worth around $26 billion – a rise of 13.6%. It’s a key player in worldwide supplies of meat, fish and seafood and dairy goods, but its main strength lies in supplying fruits, vegetables, cereals, spices, and tea and coffee.
India’s biggest export categories look something like this (Jan-Oct 2017 trade):
• Meat & offal - $3.3bl
• Fish & seafood - $5.3bl
• Milk, dairy & eggs - $278.8m
• Vegetables (incl. lettuce, onions, tomatoes, spinach & carrots) - $983.4m
• Fruits (incl. mangoes, oranges, bananas, apricots, grapes & avocados) - $1.5bl
• Coffee, tea, & spice - $2.7bl 

Rice, coffee & tea Turkey’s largest Indian import product groups

Turkey’s foodstuff imports from India totalled $197.5m in 2016 – approximately 0.7% of India’s full exports. Rice, including basmati and pilau varieties, is the chief export, accounting for $113m of total sales.
Indeed, Turkey’s taste for Indian rice is reflected in exhibitors at 2017’s WorldFood Istanbul event. Of the Indian firms taking part, 7 were specialists in rice, such as, Armoa Agrotech Ltd, Bharat Cereals and PK Overseas.
Tea and coffee is the next largest product sector imported by Turks from India. In 2016, such shipments came to just shy of $41m. For context, Turkey’s total imports of tea and coffee products were valued at $171m in 2016. Based on this, India accounts for nearly a quarter of Turkey’s coffee and tea imports.
A further $2.3 million was spent on spices.
Turkish cuisine shares some similarities with its Indian counterpart in that it is full of spicy sensations and fiery tastes, meaning there is some overlap in the types of spices that appeal to both Turkish and Indian food manufacturers.

Ingredients & tea & coffee, hold the best potential for Indian exporters in Turkey

From the above, we can see that ingredients for Turkey’s colossal food processing industry, such as rice and spices, are strong prospects for Indian exporters. Food and drink manufacturing is a key economic sector for Turkey, covering nearly 20% of the nation’s GDP, according to the United States Department of Agriculture.
As such, the industry is constantly requiring a high turnover of ingredients to keep Turkey’s biggest producers in business.
And then there is the tea and coffee sector. Tea is an essential part of daily life in Turkey. In fact, with combined consumption at 246,000 tons a year, Turks are the world’s biggest tea drinkers – quaffing the equivalent of 1,000 cups of tea per Turk annually.
Coffee is quickly emerging as a driving force in Turkey’s HoReCa sector. International chains like Starbucks are making great headway in Turkey, creating a new coffee drinking culture that is sweeping through Turkey. Events like the annual Istanbul Coffee Festival are popular with the city’s young, dynamic population – and this trend is set to roll out nationwide in the coming years.

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