5 confectionery companies to visit at the WorldFood Istanbul 2018 food & drink exhibi

WorldFood Istanbul is Turkey’s international leading food and drink exhibition. Each event always features exciting confectionery creators from across the globe. Let’s look at five of the big names to see at 2018’s event.

Visit these 5 confectionery manufacturers at WorldFood Istanbul 2018

Eurofrucht – Germany
Very few countries can claim to do confectionery better than Germany, so for a taste of what the nation has to offer, visit Eurofrucht this year.
A cornucopia of confections makes up the brand’s product offering, including its own Toffix fruity chewy candies, fruit gums, lollies, and a wide range of baked goods.
Eurofrucht is actually partners of Turkey’s Elvan, one of Turkey’s leading candy manufacturers. That means Eurofrucht already has tremendous experience tailoring sweet treats that cater to Turkish palettes.
Boavistense – Brazil
Brazil’s a land of fabulous flavours, thanks to the variety of juicy, delicious fruits that grow there. These sweet taste sensations work their way into Boavistense’s mouth-watering range of candies.
The brand has been a force in Brazil for over two decades. It fully began exporting overseas in the Americas in the mid-80s, and since then has gone to establish itself on worldwide confectionery markets.
Be sure to check out the Boavistense’s Pop Tattoo range of chewy sweets at this year’s WorldFood Istanbul trade show, including candies inspired and endorsed by DC’s Justice League superheroes.
Productos Churruca – Spain
One of Turkey’s top food and drink trends right now is healthy eating. Turks are increasingly turning to organic and greener alternatives, instead of heavily processed products, to fill their bellies.
This has spilled over into the world of snack foods.
Enter Productos Cherruca. Their range of flavoured roasted corn snacks is something to behold. The Spanish firm offers a huge variety of flavours, each exceptionally tasty without compromising on health benefits.
Nakheel Alya – Saudi Arabia
Turkey is a melting pot of cultures, where European and Middle Eastern influences mingle and combine into a beautiful whole. Its tastes when it comes to sweet treats are no different. Dates are a big favourite there.
That’s why Saudi Arabia’s Nakheel Alya is coming to WorldFood Istanbul this year. Its portfolio is dates, and only dates. Whether you’re looking for luxury date truffles, chocolate-covered products, syrups or just pure dates, you’ll find them at Nakheel Alya’s stand.
Heaven Cookies (Aferin Gida) – Turkey
Representing the many home-grown talents on our list of confectioners to see at WorldFood Istanbul is Heaven Cookies – a branch of the Sweet Heaven cakes and coffee company.
Heaven Cookies covers a wide variety of sweet baked goods, including cookies, brownies, apple tarts and everything in between.
With coffee culture expanding rapidly across Turkey right now, Heaven Cookies is capturing the complementary treat segment with its product offer, so swing by their booth with a cup in your hand and find which Heaven Cookies product suits you!

Experience all these brands and more at WorldFood Istanbul 2018

WorldFood Istanbul is home to hundreds of the very best food and drink manufacturers Turkey and the world has to offer. As a visitor, it’s a place to see and sample a huge range of products, from confectionery to dairy and cheese, fish and seafood, and everything in between.
Grab your e-ticket today and find your next food and drink supplier at the international WorldFood Istanbul food and drink trade event.