5 beverage companies to visit at the WorldFood Istanbul 2018 food & drink exhibition

Drinks of all sorts, from teas and coffees, to flavoured waters and energy drinks, are enjoying significant growth on the Turkish food and drink market. Let’s see whose ready to capitalise on this growing trend at 2018’s edition of WorldFood Istanbul.

As Turkey’s leading food and drink trade event, WorldFood Istanbul attracts brands from around the world. In drinks, they’ve made the right choice. Turkey’s drinks market is growing at a compound annual growth rate of 4.9% between now and 2021. Imports are over $90m a year and rising.
So, if you’re a drinks buyer with new products on your mind, then make sure you visit these five firms at the Tüyap Fair Convention and Congress Center, Istanbul, between 5-8 September this year.
Visit these 5 beverage producers at WorldFood Istanbul 2018
Curly & Smooth Licensing & Trading - Germany
While Curly & Smooth’s raison d’etre is importing tobacco goods into Germany, it has been diversifying its portfolio. Energy drinks are providing a new impetus for the German company to start exporting goods under license.
It’s biggest two products come emblazoned with two of the most familiar names and faces in pop culture: Superman and Popeye the Sailor.
Superman, with its distinctive blue bottle brandishing the iconic Superman logo, boasts a fruity flavour and injections of vitamin B and caffeine. On the other hand, Popeye invites drinkers to “feel the power of green” with a smooth apple taste.
Chaiz Up – India
Turks on average import around $41m worth of tea from Indian producers every year. And why not? India’s a powerhouse of tea production, with only neighbour Sri Lanka really rivalling it in global export stakes.
At WorldFood Istanbul this year, Chaiz Up is hoping to capture some of that aforementioned spending. Its product range is composed of unique Indian blends, with a complementary collection of matcha made from crushed green tea leaves.
While Chaiz Up is international, with an export network reaching North America, Europe and the Middle East, it has really yet to get to grips with the Turkish market. Turkey is new territory for the brand, so why not visit them this September to see what’s on offer?
OKR – Korea
One of Turkey’s top food trends right now is functional drinks. In practical terms, that means foodstuffs and beverages that give a little extra. Think added health benefits, more vitamins, or giving an energy boost. Seemingly, Korea’s OKR is catering exclusively to this trend.
The brand’s line up of products is stuffed with functional and health drinks. Even their carbonated soft drinks come with added Aloe vera. In fact, Aloe drinks are something of an OKR speciality. With its brand Aloe Vera King, it offers a variety of flavoured, organic drinks.
If you’re a buyer worried about volume, don’t be. OKR’s bottling plant is capable of producing 3 billion bottles a day.
Stassen Group – Sri Lanka
The Stassen Group was founded in 1977. It has since greatly diversified its interests – but hasn’t lost sight of its core function: Ceylon tea exports.
Ceylon tea is regarded as amongst the finest varieties on earth. And being based in Sri Lanka, Stassen has access to vast plantations of good crops to draw from. Its best sellers include pure black tea, jasmine green, and chai spice tea.
For the past few years, Stassen has been expanding its organic offering. Grown at a height of 1,800m above sea level, and refused with monsoon rains, Stassen’s greener product is 100% organic.
So far, this tea has a consumer base in the US, Europe and Japan. Turks are getting more health conscious, however, so organic tea maybe the key to cracking the market wide open.
Danish Jordanian Dairy Company – Jordan
With a name like that, you’ll be expecting dairy products. Of course, the Danish Jordanian Dairy Company (DJD) offers those goods in abundance, yet it also offers a range of fruity juices for kids and adults alike.
Drawing on the Middle East’s heritage as an agricultural Garden of Eden, DJD is able to offer a variety of juices under its Al Hayat and Karolina brands. Kids can choose from a number of Karolina juice boxes. 
Away from fruit juices, milk, milk drinks, and yoghurt drinks are available from DJD. This includes a couple of collections for kids, under the Balanda brand. Think milkshakes and thick yoghurt beverages.
Experience all these beverage brands and more at WorldFood Istanbul 2018
WorldFood Istanbul is home to hundreds of the very best food and drink manufacturers Turkey and the world has to offer. As a visitor, it’s a place to see and sample a huge range of products, from drinks to confectionery, and everything in between.